Cross-Country Skiing

A Great Option for Winter Fun and Fitness
Cross Country Skiing
Striking in its beauty and tranquility, winter is a special time in Switzerland. With breathtaking mountains on your doorstep, what better way to enjoy the fresh air and nature, while starting your journey to better fitness?

Cross-country skiing can provide a great alternative to traditional workouts such as running and cycling, or it can be an exciting way to start your fitness regime. It helps build stamina, endurance and strength. The whole body benefits: stomach, back, arms, chest and shoulders all get a workout, but most of all it is one of the best aerobic workouts. At a moderate intensity, you can burn roughly the same number of calories when cross-country skiing for an hour as you would by running for an hour, without the impact on the knees and other joints.

Cross Country Skiing
If you have tried downhill skiing and found that flying down a crowded slope, avoiding zigzagging skiers and snowboarders, is not for you, then Cross-Country Skiing could be a better option. It gets you out in the fresh air on a cold day, and gives an excellent, full body workout that uses every major muscle group in the body. It will also help you work off those extra kilos from Christmas and those Fondue delights we can’t avoid living here.

Cross-Country Skiing is also great for those with knee problems or are other running related injuries, as it is low impact and does not jar the joints. It gives your body a rest from the summer training regimes allowing you to come back stronger than ever. The natural motion of Cross-Country Skiing makes it suitable for people of all ages to learn and enjoy, from toddlers to people in their 90s. You can go at your own pace and pick the terrain to suit your ability and fitness level. It is suitable for the whole family and enables you all to enjoy this winter wonderland.


Kathy is a Level 2 Cross-Country Ski Instructor through the APSI (Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors) scheme in Australia. Check the About Kathy page for more background information.

Lessons can be arranged as private or small group sessions. Please check Prices for more information, and don’t hesitate to contact us.

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