Outdoor Circuits

The Outdoor Circuits are designed to prepare and maintain your life in Switzerland and take your fitness to a new level and beyond. Whether it is preparation for the ski season, hiking in the local mountains, injury rehabilitation or managing work/family commitments, the circuits will benefit everyone. They are for busy people who want a full body workout with variety in a fun and social environment. Outdoor Circuits give motivation from a group, supervision and guidance from a personal trainer without the expense of one-to-one sessions or lengthy gym contracts.

With a holistic approach, these sessions bring together the mind, body and environment in a social and fun atmosphere. Lasting 60 minutes, each session comprises body weight exercises, pilates, boxing, balance, core stability and stretching. This functional training allows the muscles and core to work together and protect the body in everyday life. Furthermore, everyone will get their own individual workout, based on their abilities, injuries and base fitness, but in a group environment.

All Outdoor Circuit sessions are held near or on the scenic shores of Lake Leman. No two sessions are the same, so you and your body will never have the opportunity to get bored or lose motivation.

It is back to basics fitness in a natural outdoor setting.

Benefits of the Outdoor Circuits:

  • Functional Fitness – designed for everyday life, not just hanging out in the gym
  • Build Endurance and Stamina
  • Engagement of your mind and body
  • Team building and social activities
  • Increased confidence, emotional strength and mental focus
  • Alleviates stress, clears the head
  • Learn new exercise techniques under strict guidance and supervision
  • Opportunity to workout before or after work
  • No long term, inflexible gym contracts
  • Caters for all fitness levels – sensitive for beginners and challenging for the  conditioned
  • Have fun and meet like-minded people in a multicultural environment
  • Tailored to your sport or rehabilitation needs

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