Summer is here, time to get into Life in Switzerland

Outdoor Circuits have begun for 2011 in Vidy, Lausanne. The circuits involve 1hr of group fitness training with bootcamp/urban training style exercises in a fun and motivating environment.

Two styles are available:

Active Circuits – designed for people getting back into fitness, injury rehabilitation, or those who are looking for some fun and variety in their fitness.
Time: Monday 5.45pm and Wed 7.15am

Performance Circuits – for those who have a base fitness level and want a little more of an intense challenge, or need to balance their training with core/strength exercises.  Sessions can be adapted to suit your upcoming event, whether running, triathlon or climbing Mt Blanc. After the session we have an (optional) swim in the lake.
Time: Monday 7pm

No two sessions are the same, but they will include a mix of body weight exercises, core training, boxing, kettlebells, balance, sprints, TRX, Bosu/medicine balls and more.

The circuits are a great way to add variety and functional training to your regime, while meeting new people.

Circuits are 25CHF per session. So now is the time to get your body ready for Life in Switzerland.
Please contact Kathy via email to book your place.

ZimFit has been operating in Lausanne and Versoix all year round for the past 2 years, with the members participating in may local events (triathlons, Geneva 6km/half marathon, Lasuanne half marathon) as well as extra events in the mountains (snowshoeing, xc skiing and climbing).  Kathy has also been a founder of the Glocals running group and is a qualified and registered fitness trainer.


ZimFit snow events


Cross Country skiing in the Jura

Well, spring has already arrived in Switzerland, so we thought we better give an update on what ZimFit has been up to in the winter.

Although the snow conditions were a bit of a roller coaster this season, we were able to run the outdoor circuits as well as other outdoor events – although some improvisation was needed at times. A couple of the Lausanne circuits had to be conducted on snowshoes in Vidy due to the large amount of snow in December.

Considering the average snow conditions, we did manage to schedule quite a few cross country skiing sessions. Luckily, the Vaud/Geneva region has a lot of areas to choose from. Often the French Jura was providing excellent conditions, while Les Mosses in the “Alpes Vaudoise” was melting – and sometimes it was the other way around.

There were a few weeks when there was more ice/mud than snow,  so we simply changed to the roller skis – nothing  better to ski along the lake under beautiful sunshine, when everyone else is complaining about the lack of snow 🙂

Roller skiing

Roller skiing at the lake

The snowshoeing events had to suffer a bit, but finally we were able to run one evening session near St Cegue. So very keen to correct this next season…

And then we had a few specific training events, e.g. supporting Mel in her Marathon training. We wish her good luck in London this month!


Winter 2011 impressions

Just some impressions from the 2010/2011 winter season…


The Geneva crew on skis


Power day at La Vattay


Nice day for cruising around the Col du Marchairuz, Jura


At Les Mosses enjoying a good workout


Marathon training - on the skis


Some nice downhill technique

Roller skiing

Practicing at Ouchy - when there was no snow in Jan

Roller skiing

More roller-skiing with the Norwegians