Event report: Nyon Triathlon

“The Outdoor Circuits are designed to prepare and maintain your life in Switzerland” – a few ladies from the circuits decided to take this motto word-by-word, and inscribed for the 2010 Nyon Triathlon that took place on the 8th of August, in Nyon of course.

More people were immediately hooked, and we all subscribed to the Short-Distance-Series, which includes:

  • 500 meters of swimming in the lake Geneva
  • 20 km cycling on roads through Nyon
  • 5 km running
  • A lovely BBQ finish on Mel’s and Adrian’s balcony in Lausanne

As most of the team were doing their very first Triathlon, we were quite busy sorting out everyone to get set up inside the transition zone. But regulations and procedures were explained and understood quickly, and soon we were able to proceed to the start. This one was staggered, into 3 groups based on age and gender, and we started every 10 minutes.

The girls started the swim, and we were very pleased to see that not only everyone made it, but also with lots of confidence and very satisfying times. The one swim and transition training session we conducted one week before was obviously a good thing to do 🙂

The bike leg was a little bit hilly, but again, everyone made it to the transition zone, to change the bike against running shoes. At this time it started to rain a little bit, but it was actually more refreshing than annoying.

The running track was involved some uphill in the first half, which rewarded everyone with a nice gentle downhill afterwards. And back to the start, to finish and celebrate – everyone made it, and some of us with very impressive times! There is a lot of potential left, but most important: everyone enjoyed it, nobody got insured, and everyone recovered very quickly.

The 4th leg involved a fantastic BBQ with some beer & wine (thanks to Mel & Adrian), a good collection of race-stories (thanks to Toby for telling us his tough-guy experience) and the planning of the next events…

Congratulations everyone, and thanks for trusting us!

Event report: Lausanne 20km

Thanks to Karen & Christiane, ZimFit was present at the Lausanne 20km running event this year.

It was the 24th of April 2010 when Karen and Christiane from the Versoix sessions decided to come over and do the first running event in their lives – with great success, congratulations to both of you!

On a fantastic sunny day we met both of them in the morning, together with our friends Mel & Claudia. Kathy made sure that everyone got a proper warm-up session and perfect race preparation. Christiane, Mel and Claudia then started off for the 4km run. All of them managed to run through the full distance and finished faster than they expected! Then it was Karen’s turn to run the 2km, which seamed to be – against her own expectations – a piece of cake 🙂 Well done Karen!

In the evening it was Kathy’s and my turn to run the 20km. Legs were hurting this year, but we both managed to finish with good times. My legs are much stronger on the downhill now, thanks Kathy for making me do all these horrible exercises 😉